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After her ship was attacked by Pirates, Synthion was one of the lucky few to have escaped in the emergency pods, those who didn't were either killed or left trapped and at the pirates mercy. Though she had escaped she wasn't without problem, her computer had been damaged and glitched where as it would of normally of taken her to the nearest Lynthorian outpost however it seemed to just jet off into space and put her into an eternal sleep for her own mental state to remain intact.

Prior to the attack, Synthion was a biologist and healer, she focused her work on learning other species biology so she can adapt her medicinal knowledge to suit others be it feral or sentient, which led to a mass amount of knowledge in her hand book that she used with other species doctors to aid in a very diverse intergalactic scale community.



Biologist and Healer

Extra Details

They are an amphibious race who have a close resemblance to squids taking into account their crests
They are very strong swimmers considering most of their world is nearly 80% water, they have markings that appear on their skin when wet, most likely to regulate breathing as well as retractable and and feet webbing for added speed and agility.
They can reproduce but only with each other, their sexual organs are hidden similar to a cloaca only it can be truly hidden giving them a barbie doll appearance. However when show there is two dark patches visible where their inksacks sit that are secreted directly from within. Males also have these ducts then when 'erect' are sometimes pushed out near the base.
However intercourse is still possible with other species as their genitals are similar to that of humans other then males are hidden within and retract at will. (Sexual stimulation is not needed to mate and breed) 
When mating the males are the ones who carry the eggs and oviposit them within the female who carries out the fertilisation and incubation (Young can be egg laid or live birthed depending on parents choice and/or environment conditions.
Their eyes are a full orb like item that never blinks like they are wearing goggles meaning they can swim in any water without harming their eyes, also proven to work in dusty environments.
Down to not needing to nurse young they don't have nipples leaving only breasts as gender identity.
Males can also breed directly with other males which doesn't produce off spring but can lead to surrogacy if the breed male holds both their own and their partners eggs and find a willing female to carry their young. Females can slightly protrude their sexual organs though it only reaches about half the length of a males meaning that Transgender is much easier for those who wish to follow through with it, they only need to medicate for breast growth MtF or reduction if MtF


2.13 Meters · 6 Feet, 11.85 Inches


58.97Kg · 9 Stone, 4 Pound

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