Eisla the Chimera
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 I reference THIS CHART for body builds, and THIS SITE for body types.

Other than that, I don't know what to put here right now.


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Male · Cat ·
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Sol is a dangerously manipulative feline who enjoys toying with innocent and gullible people, oft...
02/03/2018 22:43
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Male · Goat · Leo
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Smol baby goat
16/10/2017 15:40


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Species: cheetah
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Species: American Pitbull Terrier
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Eisla posted

16/10/2017 14:38

Just a note:
If your profile page is covered in miles of political views and nothing else, I want nothing to do with you.Kthnxbai.

Eisla posted

16/10/2017 10:01

I don't remember making an account for this website. Where am I again?

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