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Artist Type: Traditional Artist

I am a freelance artist and part time alternative model.
I mostly stick with traditional work, sometimes using digital for a flat black or white background etc. I am currently working with a new tablet to get a little into digital work, but it will be a moment before I start posting digital work and taking digital commissions.
I have a specific facebook page made for my work/modelling and for taking orders so if you want to speak to me about possibly commissioning me, feel free to message me about it.

Gender: Male (Some are confused about that since I have a very androgynous look. lol)
I like reading manga and watching horror movies. I also love sweets and having as many art supplies as possible. lol 
I very much enjoy alternative modelling and will likely post a photo or two from shoots but more can be seen on my FB page listed in contact info. 
I enjoy gore/horror/fantasy related art and will draw pretty much anything for commission but scat/watersports/vomit type works. I wont do those. Sorry. 

Trades:Its RARE


Commission Info

FaceBook Art Page - I hold giveaways here sometimes

Feel like kicking a little extra my way for some really nifty painting projects i have in mind? 
(I can always use help on the supplies. It gets costly.)
Feel free to send a little to my paypal! I very much appreciate it! 
*Paypal listed in contact info*


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Commission Info and Basic Pricing

Basic commission prices and information. Feel free to ask about anything not listed!
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Information/Terms of Service
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New, so lets try this out.  =P