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Commission Info and Basic Pricing

Published: 08/12/2015 00:14

(I DO ship for a small S&H fee! Prizes from giveaways are usually shipped to you free of cost!)
I charge half up front, to do custom artwork, and half once im finished.
Paypal payments in USD please! 

-Full Body/Full Color: 35$USD+
-Pencil Portraits on an 11x14 page or smaller: 75$USD
-Watercolor Work: 120$USD+
-Charcoal Work: 50$USD+
-Large Full background Colored Pencil Work: 80$USD+
*These are base prices. Actual prices may vary depending on material used and detail. I also offer a lot more but the list would be far too massive. Feel free to ask about anything not listed here!*
+I also have plenty of deals often going on headshots or other such things, as well as cheaper YCH pieces and Adopts. You will find those in my gallery. You cant miss em.

All shipping in the US will be from 4-10$ depending on the size of the package. Any outside the US will be discussed depending on distance. All parcels will have tracking on them so they dont get lost in the mail.

*** All custom artwork that is not paid for within 1 week of completion will be forfeit and subject to being posted up for sale to other people. Please be sure to have the second half of your payment ready when your work is finished, to avoid this.
You may discuss a payment plan with me but I am not required to oblige.***

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