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The Demon overlord and lover of all Daleks

Commissions; closed

Art trades; Ask me!

Freebies; Nope

Furiffic Moderator by day, actually up at night too. 

Current fav shows;
One Piece, Marvel's the defenders, Daredevil, the Monogatari series

Fav hobbies;
Knitting stuff and sleeping, also collecting tattoos but I am too poor for that.


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Journal for journals sake

Hiya! just a journal with the same old - being tired so don't draw, and then I finally got inspired and my tablet driver keeps crapping out on me. just error messages galore, next step is a complete wipe and re-installation - but that requires effort. Doc going to take me off my month of sick le...
17/08/2017 00:16

Terms of Service

Terms of service; The following are my terms of service for rendering digital and/or traditional commissioned work or trades. Payment; I require 100% of payment up front before any work is done. If a commission is above $100 I will allow reasonable payment plans For trades I require at least pr...
08/11/2015 00:27


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Female · Pansexual · Aquarius
Role-playing No
Nicknames Moody, Dee
EL-mouse/bear. Most important festure is the blue parts that glow faintly, and the fat frontpaws...
18/06/2017 05:07


Female · Human · Heterosexual · Libra
Role-playing No
A canine type kemonomimi. Some waterbased abilites for non-fighting. ...
29/09/2016 00:30


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Species: wolf
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Lucas Cameron Blakeman posted to Morisith

13/07/2019 13:48

Lord Morisith. I need help with SuperSonic43

Low Swing! posted to Morisith

22/11/2016 02:55

Wait. Morisith. I have a question. Even if the picture has blood/gore, is it still mature content?

sykaeh posted to Morisith

10/11/2016 21:51

Thanks for the fave!

Low Swing! posted to Morisith

28/08/2016 00:27

Wait, how do I contact you? I do not know.

Morisith · 28/08/2016 02:58

You just did :p Also personal medsages 

kestral posted to Morisith

23/06/2016 01:20

thanks for the fave and follow.

Ghostie posted to Morisith

04/06/2016 19:54

Thanks for the fav ♥

Have a good day ! 

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