Morisith the Demon is feeling Groggy
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Journal for journals sake

Hiya! just a journal with the same old - being tired so don't draw, and then I finally got inspired and my tablet driver keeps crapping out on me. just error messages galore, next step is a complete wipe and re-installation - but that requires effort. Doc going to take me off my month of sick le...
17/08/2017 00:16

Terms of Service

Terms of service; The following are my terms of service for rendering digital and/or traditional commissioned work or trades. Payment; I require 100% of payment up front before any work is done. If a commission is above $100 I will allow reasonable payment plans For trades I require at least pr...
08/11/2015 00:27
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Explanation of commission and other slots.

My slots are now visible on my profile and I'll edit these as soon as I upload or accept a comission. Comission slots; are slots per drawing and not per person anymore. So 2 drawings = 2 slots. This doesn't mean I will refuse you if you want 6 drawings or more, but I will not accept payment or i...
23/08/2015 17:48