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Terms of Service

Published: 08/11/2015 00:27

Terms of service;

The following are my terms of service for rendering digital and/or traditional commissioned work or trades.

I require 100% of payment up front before any work is done.
If a commission is above $100 I will allow reasonable payment plans
For trades I require at least proof that half of your part is finished before I start
All payments will be done via Paypal as under services - if you send them as a gift I will return it once for you to resend as a payment, if you re-send it again as a gift I will consider it a donation.

an initial pose sketch will be done upon payment - if we cannot agree on the pose or you believe I am not able to pull off your request, you can ask for 100% refund.
After work is started you will have two options for refunds.
1; You will be refunded your money, minus the percentage of the commission I have done - and all work will be handed over to you.
2; In some cases you can ask for a 100% refund, but then I will re-use the pose and work for another future commission or a YCH sale slot.

If I cannot complete your commission for various reason I will go for option 2 most of the time.

ViP's and Progress;
I will provide a sketch review for any tiers above a sketch commission /trade. Pose, perspective and theme can be changed at this stage.
I will provide a lineart review for any tiers above above a sketch commission /trade. Details, small changes i.e jewlery or hairstyles can be changed at this stage.
I will provide a flat coloured review for any tiers at a shaded or above commission / trade. Colours can be fixed here.
Above these levels ViP's will be provided upon request or depending on the situation.
If you don't want ViP's you are free to say so - but then you are also giving away your rights for having the final image being changed

If you notice something you want changed after I have gotten to go ahead past that stage - send me a note explaining it, however if it's too far back I might not be able to re-work it. If it's an Obvious mistake on my part I will fix it no matter though.

Contact will be via Notes here on FA or if you wish it can also be done via e-mail.
My skype is open for "all" - however this is my personal space and I don't want to have work related convoes there :) So do not add me for this reason.
If you wish to check up on your commission send me a note or email, or you can also poke me if I am streaming.
I am on FA pretty much every day and I will reply quickly!

Your rights and commercial work;
When you commission me you are only paying for the image to be rendered, unless the rights to that specific image is mentioned.
You can re-post the image you bought to your personal galleries with credit.
You can not re-sell the image as part of a package for a character (i.e increasing the value of an adopt due to it having multiple commissioned works)
You can not use it to illustrate or market your own works - unless these rights are discussed beforehand. (at least before you use it)
You can not edit or re-sell the work in any way without my written consent. (aka, if you really want to change something - please just ask me first :) )

That is the gist of it :)
I will also just ad on to the end here that I can refuse any work for any reason. And if I refuse you for a commission or trade and don't give a reason it's probably that I am just not feeling it at the moment and I can't do it, so it's nothing personal I promise :D

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