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Art Terms of Service Agreement

Posted September 5th, 2019 Terms of Service Agreement (TOS) Reading this Terms of service is part of the commission process and failure to to read it and understand it is no fault of the artist. If there are questions about any of it, please feel free to message and ask for any clarifications. ...
05/09/2019 14:47

possible adoptables?

Is there a market for adoptables? dett and Dragon 1 {/Mortain/view/73614} These are but 2 of 5 templates I have art for. I have a slew of markings, and a slew of textures. I'm thinking 5$ a pet, minus backgrounds as they're for my game.
15/06/2016 06:30


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05/03/2017 15:01


22/11/2016 23:39


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ShawnDeer posted to Mortain

06/09/2017 17:04

thanks for the favourite!

arise005 posted to Mortain

27/08/2017 05:21

Thank you so much for the sub~

Echowolfc posted to Mortain

04/05/2017 15:03

Hay I was not able to see ur comment on my comic that I made and posted here. Can u tell me what u said i hate to ask this of u.

Mortain · 04/05/2017 15:10

it's not often condoms are portrayed in furry art. I think there needs to be more of it honestly.

Echowolfc · 04/05/2017 15:17

Oh sorry. It was not my choice.y mate wanted it.

Babybrass posted to Mortain

25/04/2017 01:53

Thank you for the sub!!

ArtVulpine posted to Mortain

19/03/2017 18:36

Thanks for Subscribing!

Wolfgang Doghouse posted to Mortain

16/02/2017 06:57

Thanks fur the Subscription! 💗

VioletAshesF posted to Mortain

12/02/2017 13:15

thanks for the fav!

YoshiTheFox posted to Mortain

20/10/2016 05:34

Thanks for the fav!

Susy posted to Mortain

28/09/2016 09:52

Thank you for the sub!!

SnowVampire posted to Mortain

20/09/2016 15:06

Thanks for another fav^^

SnowVampire posted to Mortain

19/09/2016 23:42

Thanks for the favs!

Kinaj posted to Mortain

17/05/2016 18:11

Hello and welcome on my subscriber-list :3

Biscotti · 10/08/2016 23:59

Thank you for subscribing! ^^

Surelia posted to Mortain

29/09/2015 18:57

 Stalker!! :p

Mortain · 29/09/2015 21:00

 Hell yes!

Surelia · 01/10/2015 21:31

Lol. At least you're willing to admit to it, How was the trip home?? I sent a FR on Skype.

Mortain posted

18/09/2015 08:57

 Getting ready to upload 70+ pieces. Things that haven't been seen at large at all. Some dating back to before 2000. Just need to figure out how to make folders in this thing.  damn learning a new system LOL.

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