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I'm a 41 something grey muzzle that likes to draw on rare occasions, but i do own a lot of cool art stuff. I do take commissions so please just ask, price varies by piece, media, and my willingness to do the piece.


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possible adoptables?

Is there a market for adoptables? dett and Dragon 1 {/Mortain/view/73614} These are but 2 of 5 templates I have art for. I have a slew of markings, and a slew of textures. I'm thinking 5$ a pet, minus backgrounds as they're for my game.
7 months ago

Prepping for rainfurrest...

I' m currently prepping for rainfurrest. I'll be at the art jam for an hour or so each night (I hope) doing free art for people who stop by and see me. Can't wait to see ya'll there.
24/09/2015 04:27


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Danimus Prime

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 Stalker!! :p

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 Hell yes!

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Lol. At least you're willing to admit to it, How was the trip home?? I sent a FR on Skype.

Mortain posted

18/09/2015 08:57

 Getting ready to upload 70+ pieces. Things that haven't been seen at large at all. Some dating back to before 2000. Just need to figure out how to make folders in this thing.  damn learning a new system LOL.