Mortain the Horse is feeling Bored
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Art Terms of Service Agreement

Posted September 5th, 2019 Terms of Service Agreement (TOS) Reading this Terms of service is part of the commission process and failure to to read it and understand it is no fault of the artist. If there are questions about any of it, please feel free to message and ask for any clarifications. ...
05/09/2019 14:47

possible adoptables?

Is there a market for adoptables? dett and Dragon 1 {/Mortain/view/73614} These are but 2 of 5 templates I have art for. I have a slew of markings, and a slew of textures. I'm thinking 5$ a pet, minus backgrounds as they're for my game.
15/06/2016 06:30

Prepping for rainfurrest...

I' m currently prepping for rainfurrest. I'll be at the art jam for an hour or so each night (I hope) doing free art for people who stop by and see me. Can't wait to see ya'll there.
24/09/2015 04:27

Lots of art coming... get ready!

Getting ready to upload 70+ pieces. Things that haven't been seen at large at all. Some dating back to before 2000. Just need to figure out how to make folders in this thing. damn learning a new system LOL.
18/09/2015 08:58

Uploaded tons of art

I uploaded tons of artwork to this archive. took me a couple of hours but well worth it. Take a gander at it as you like, get back to me if you really like a particular piece.
04/09/2015 02:37
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Here I am, hoping to leave FA behind at last. I'll have to scrub all my art there and upload it all here. It's not much, but it will be something at least. I like this place so far better than fa, now if the owners and admins can just keep it from becoming a toxic stew like FA is. Here's to hopin...
01/09/2015 03:53