Mosa the Cat is feeling Mischievous
Artist Type: Digital Artist

Doctor Mosa Sakkine, PhD in Fuckology.
I'm a professional fuckologist, and I specialize in fuckonomics. I am also a master fucksmith, and in the past I've been both a fuckretary and a fuckountant. I enjoy fuckstronomy and reading the fuckipedia. From time to time, I like to play fuckball and sometimes I even fucksersize. Some day I wish to be a fuckstronaut.

I am a bastard child between a serval, caracal, and a jaguarundi. All three were drunk that night.

If you call me hun/sweetie/any pet names, I will murder your face.


Commissions: Yes.  | Discord Community:

I'm Mosa over at FA. My work is more up to date there, so if you want to see my newest, fresh off the tablet art, that's the best place to be.

Places I reside: (you are here :V)


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Fully Detailed Scene Commission (2 slots)

Opened up for two full scene commissions
13/06/2019 02:47
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Telegram Channel for Commission Openings, etc

Hey guys I have a telegram announcement channel (not a chat) for broadcasting commission openings, streaming, various sales and specials, and other fine things. This channel is used only for those things, so if you think that may be useful for you, go ahead and follow it.
26/01/2017 23:54


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