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Telegram Channel for Commission Openings, etc

Published: 26/01/2017 23:54

Hey guys
I have a telegram announcement channel (not a chat) for broadcasting commission openings, streaming, various sales and specials, and other fine things. This channel is used only for those things, so if you think that may be useful for you, go ahead and follow it.

Yes, I do use telegram. No, I'm not very talkative. No, I do not take or discuss commissions through telegram. You'll still be required to email me for a commission as always. The channel is just for announcements.

lupeyroo ยท 27/01/2017 22:03

hi there! i made a furiffic telegram chat too! so if you wanna advertise in there feel free!

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  • Published: 26/01/2017 23:54



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