MountainBlueFox the Fox is feeling Crazy
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I'm crazy as a Fox Babbie ,live in a mine tunnel in the mountains and thats No Joke plus all of my suits are anamatronicly operated plus most of my suits are of Foxess. and one last note ,I'm part of the Untaimed World so sasiaty and all of the Nasty sockir moms out thear can take a flying hick.


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Ice Fox or Arctic Fox.

26/01/2017 06:23

Dalmatian sitting cute

Male · Fox · Questioning · Libra
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Part of the Untamed World.
08/01/2017 07:32


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I lost.

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Joe Ronald Martin Nat-Khan English

Species: Folf
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Colliefan posted to MountainBlueFox

17/04/2017 09:47

Thanks for the watch.

Inqu posted to MountainBlueFox

30/01/2017 12:45

Much obliged for the sub~

MountainBlueFox posted

30/12/2015 04:22

More Fox suit builds one in mined a Fennec.

MountainBlueFox posted

23/08/2015 04:20

Crazy as a Fox Babbie.