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It's winding down.

School is slowly coming to a close...and I feel absolutely awful. It sucks that stress is the first thing that hits and everything damn near crumbles after. the only good thing is maybe I'll have a proper break after school. Until then I'll be stuck studying until finals...more than likely, I won...
3 months ago

Back at it

Hey guys, I don't post a bunch of journals, mainly because I forget, so I'll work on that. I'm just putting out, I'm doing a few requests/ commissions, if you're interested, PM me~
4 months ago


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Corvo Bradley

5 days ago


1 week ago


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Foxy Flapper posted to MrSoucho

6 days ago

Thanks for the fave!

MrSoucho ยท 6 days ago

Of course! Same to you, It means a lot!

MrSoucho posted

10 months ago

Hi everyone!

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