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Summer Plans and stuff

For the summer I've been thinking about what I'd do in terms of art and projects and I have a general idea of what I'll do. As far as my comics are concerned, I'll be busy with them all this summer as well as the usual pin ups and sketches, though not as frequent. Starting later in the month I'll...
1 week ago
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It's winding down.

School is slowly coming to a close...and I feel absolutely awful. It sucks that stress is the first thing that hits and everything damn near crumbles after. the only good thing is maybe I'll have a proper break after school. Until then I'll be stuck studying until finals...more than likely, I won...
5 months ago


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Kane Stone

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HowSplendid posted to MrSoucho

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thanks for the fav and watch!

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1 month ago

Thanks for faving Jasmine and Belle!

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Thanks for faving Ariel!

MrSoucho · 1 month ago

'You're welcome!

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Thanks for the fave!

MrSoucho · 2 months ago

Of course! Same to you, It means a lot!

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12 months ago

Hi everyone!

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