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Born in an unknown area in Germany, Volkner never knew his immediate family, being raised by his aunt Serpah, he'd never have a need to. He'd move to America at a young age, where he would meet new friends, and for the first time, someone he could call "father." Isaac Redding was a caring individual, someone who a young Volkner could look up to. His Aunt became infatuated with Isaac, and soon the two became a couple. Isaac and his daughter, Solara, were recovering from the loss of his previous wife; Serpah and Volkner would slowly heal this wound and as a result, gave Isaac the son he had always wanted.
Volkner was a quiet, brilliant child, someone who was extremely quick at understanding concepts explained. Coupled with this, and his looks, he was well received by his classmates, though he'd only bond with a few of them; his best friend, Vess, in particular. As he grew older, Serpah taught him the beauties of blacksmithing, something Volkner would slowly learn over time. Isaac would sing praises of his son's prowess and would spend as much time with him as he could...which wasn't much.
Isaac was a Navy SEAL, an elite warrior who would leave home, and often not return for months. When this happened, Volkner would try to bond more with his sister, though as they grew older, she began to grow distant. Isaac would praise him more, and on occasion neglect his own daughter. Going through high school, Volkner began to look up to his father, and wanted to strive toward his father's footsteps. He'd begin exercising more than usual, taking up more sports, and martial arts even as he pushed towards the goal to be just like his father.

Upon Isaac's early retirement, Volkner was a senior in high school; So was his sister, who now had deep aggression towards her father and brother. One night, while his aunt was away, Volkner would approach his father to speak with him. He shared his dreams of being just like his father; to which his father swiftly shot down. It took him by surprise to be shot down so quickly. He would argue, telling him how hard he had worked to be ready for such an undertaking, being rejected by his father was something he certainly didn't expect. It hurt then, but not as much as when his sister joined the fray. She'd angrily tell him to leave, just as her father did, "they didn't need him there to be a family...he never was family in the first place."
Hearing this, the wolf fled from his home, quickly joining the Navy right after. He wanted to prove them wrong, and for a time he did. Volkner was once again top of his class, and made more friends than ever. A few years went by and Volkner was now the elite warrior his father was before him...little did he know things would take a drastic turn. On a mission one day Volkner led his friends and squad-mates into enemy territory, everything went well until they were ambushed. His friends were killed, leaving only an injured Volkner to be dragged away to the depths of an old bunker.

Being branded on his left shoulder, Volkner was subjected to almost three years of torture, experiments and horror. Upon being found by Vess and a new being claiming to be his long lost brother, he was found as a shell of his former self. Dirty, sickly, and tortured. He was brought home where Isaac and his sister were alerted. They'd rush to see him, only to find him in pain, and with only a fraction of his sanity. Volkner could barely remember them as he was brought away to recover, something to this day he holds against himself.
Years of fear and depression would wear at the recovering wolf. He'd be accompanied by Vess, and the wolf who had since been confirmed to be his biological brother, Aksel, the two would keep close watch on the fragile wolf...this though was not enough. After a year of recovery, the wolf was at his wits end; with a gun in hand he'd prepare to take his own life, when a knock was heard on his door. On a whim, he'd go to answer it, what was at the door was something he never expected. A small fox baby; he'd look at the feeble infant and would begin to slowly take care of it. Though unsure at first, he'd find a way to keep the baby healthy, proving to be a good father in the process. From then on, Volkner would slowly recover, wanting the best for the child. Soon he'd go into work with his brother, and best friend, creating an engineering firm that to this day Volkner keeps.
With years of technological experience, and engineering prowess, Volkner Augustine is a wolf with plenty of time on his hands now. He makes weapons and machines, all with the idea of testing his mechanical genius.  Currently, he spends his life working, and perfecting himself to be the best he can be, and enjoying the good bits in life.


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Mechanical Engineer: Volkner owns an engineering firm, where he leads every job given to him. He creates vehicles, weapons, and even futuristic exoskeletons, all made for combat, and civilian use.


2.29 Meters · 7 Feet, 6.15 Inches


124Kg · 19 Stone, 7.37 Pound

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Other Character Attributes include:

Scars are visible across chest, and left eye.

Multiple piercings on the eyebrows, tongue, both ears, navel, and penis.

Black skin and markings across the body.
Hair extends to mid-back

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