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 Raised in a small beach side city, Vess was always a shy individual who struggled to make friends at school. With an aptitude for learning he'd keep to himself for the majority of his time. He had a fascination with planes that since he was young had left a lasting impression on his life. Moving into high school, he'd meet a friend, Volkner, and began to finally open up, now having someone to truly call a friend. Through the years, his love of aviation grew, and he began to dream of the future: he anted to be a pilot.

Being a year younger he'd often take Volkner's advice and often accompany him on outings. As he accompanied him, he grew a certain fondness for his friend, one that grew into more of an attraction. He kept this hidde, though as Volkner had his sights set on other matters. As the two grew closer and closer, this attraction grew more and more, though Vess kept this hidden, to preserve his friendship with the only friend he had.

After a year of personal struggle, Volkner would have to leave his friend after graduating school, telling his best friend his plans: military life.
The thought of service hadn't crossed Vess' mind as he looked for ways to further his development, and yet it grew more attractive as his senior year flew by. He decided he'd do it, he had a friend there, at least. Upon graduating school, Vess enrolled in military life, spending rough first months going through the rigors of boot camp. He'd soon adjust well, and developed as a well groomed, and well-trained adult.

Starting off as a rifleman, Vess would tour the world, though he'd never seem to find his best friend again like he had hoped. He'd form new friends, and lovers even, though his feelings for his best friend hadn't changed a bit...until a fateful day. A few years after he had joined military life, Vess was assigned to a secret operation; a secret bunker had been found, within was a trapped sailor who had been lost years ago. With a squad of others, Vess was dropped into a wilderness with nothing but a map, and grit to keep them going.
It wouldn't be long before the peaceful scene was disrupted by gunfire. Into the bunker, the small group would neutralize their targets, while slowly going to rescue their objective. It didn't seem like anything new for the fox...until of course he found their objective: Volkner. A shell of his former self, Vess' closest friend was a frail, sick creature. Seeing him in such a way took the fox by great surprise. Without hesitation he'd rescue his long lost friend and brought him to safety. He found it hard to leave his side as he recovered; he'd stand by him when no one else would.
Eventually his feelings for his friend began to fade, they were replaced by a strong sense of friendship that was much stronger than before. Through struggle and hardship, Vess would nurse his friend back to health, being by his side for anything he needed. The two grew closer, and by then, they became inseparable. 
Years later, Vess would resign from full-time service, joining reserve forces. He and his best friend would go into business together, and from there he'd spend his time with his best friend, like old times.



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 Pilot: Vess is a highly trained combat pilot, though now he spends his days as a private pilot, partnering with his best friend, Volkner.



Relationship Best Friend (former love interest)
Male · Wolf · Bisexual · Leo
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1.6 Meters · 5 Feet, 2.99 Inches


73Kg · 11 Stone, 6.93 Pound

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