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My Twitter account seemed to really glitching up. fucking hell. Here's the problem sort of: . I mean literally lost all the accounts I were following and it's unable for me to follow anyone now. I been honestly, particularly I unable to do most things on Twitter with that account. I felt like I maybe got hacked and someone(s) but malware(s) on my account; and I have the feeling it mostly maybe link to the problems on Furaffinity. Or Twitter is fucking with me.

LundiMagique · 23/05/2016 10:42

Thanks for telling so. Furaffinity's fault. That site jst because it wanna be Populr has been allowing haters and hackers. For example, there's a group of Mexican thives who has been harassing kids since 2007.

Joe Ronald Martin Nat-Khan English · 23/05/2016 18:12

Your welcome. However, I'm not that sure about it's was Furaffinity's fault, my Twitter account is right now fucked. It maybe it was Furaffinity's fault, but still I don't have a any evidence to make sure. It's possible something else. I don't know at all.

LundiMagique · 23/05/2016 19:26 · 1 Reply

And as you can see everybody is talking about that, and when people reported those damn users and its malware, the site ignored it.

Joe Ronald Martin Nat-Khan English · 23/05/2016 22:52

Yeah true. However, I'm not really talking about Furaffinity, I don't have any problems on Furaffinity right now; but I have problems on Twitter right now.

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