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I designed a logo for my future company:


This is design of my future company's logo. My future company will be called Dead Animal. This is sort for Redbubble and other similar sites.

Also, please can I have your opinions about the current design?

LaoTwospirit · 02/06/2016 23:59 · 1 Reply

I like it, it's simple and also symbolizes the name of the company in a subtle way :) 

Joe Ronald Martin Nat-Khan English · 03/06/2016 16:22

Oh ok and thank you.

ErzaFarron · 05/06/2016 02:18 · 1 Reply

Why "dead animal" ? Your future undertaking consists in what exactly ? A kind of animal protection.

Joe Ronald Martin Nat-Khan English · 05/06/2016 19:07

I don't know, it fit well with the logo and that. Also, you shouldn't really take the name seriously. Plus, there are some companies with names doesn't suggest what they are doing. I'm hoping yo know what I mean.

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