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I'm going take part in The United Kingdom European Union membership referendum, 2016 and I have my democracy. If you resignation in the referendum; do not forgot to vote and take part in democracy, it's your right and freedom to vote.

Tea · 21/06/2016 03:14

Genuinely something I wonder- why? 

Tea · 21/06/2016 03:18 · 1 Reply

ugh phones have terrible posting. I was gonna say 'I've not heard a single good reason to leave that isn't putting too much faith in our terrible corrupt Tory government, or frankly disgustingly xenophobic.' I mean, I'm just curious. All over out-ears just scream the two words the collective 'leave' seems to know right now- 'out' or 'leave'


phake · 23/06/2016 17:01

Honestly we are fucked if we vote out, we are a tiny TINY country with little to no real power, without the eu we are even smaller, we still have to deal with these people why pose them off? plus I can't stand the racist part of it, seriously Thats all it is! Plus voting out is what trump wants....bad sign of you ask me D:

Colliefan · 21/06/2016 11:53

I'm voting the same, time to stop the EU from crippling us further with they're taxes and restrictions.

LundiMagique · 27/06/2016 03:51


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