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What is your favourite(s) of my work(s)?

Published: 24/04/2017 03:00

What is your favourite(s) (preferable my college works but any answers would help me out still.) my works, and why?

This is sort of for my portfolio.

Titan X · 07/04/2017 01:48 · 1 Reply

the one of the terrorism, you made me reflect and I like when people make me do that, also fuck terrorism...

Joe Ronald Martin Nat-Khan English · 24/04/2017 02:54

Oh ok, thank you. However, I rather you picking my actually works please?, not things like that. It's just me sort of helping me to proof my point about something and other similar things. 

(Sorry, for the late reply.)

LundiMagique · 23/04/2017 05:58 · 1 Reply


Joe Ronald Martin Nat-Khan English · 24/04/2017 02:55

Oh ok and thank you.

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