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Diversity and Equality in The Furry Fandom:

Published: 21/04/2017 02:59

I want to help out within The Fandom to promote diversity and equality like started/did , started/did and (I think) who started . So firstly I thinking about putting a sort of calendar/list together stating each month or something similar each theme(s). Anyway, so far we got #FurryBlackHistoryMonth on every February. #FemaleFursuiterMonth/#FemaleFurryMonth on every March. That what we got so far, and I think we need more similar things to promote diversity and equality. So here the link to the calendar/list: . So anyone got any suggestions?

*(And I would like some people to spread this journal, if you want to; because I want this to get noticed.)

I lost. · 21/04/2017 05:49 · 6 Replies

What about furry white history month? What about male fursuiter month??? 

Karpish · 22/04/2017 18:44

Pfft. You're not white, bird brain. You're Canadian.

Karpish · 22/04/2017 18:46

Now if we need to advocate something around these parts it's magikarp awareness.

I lost. · 23/04/2017 00:03

Beware of that floofy tail more like

Karpish · 23/04/2017 00:36

Hmph. Racist.

Joan · 25/04/2017 00:52

oiga señor pyruoo tenemos cuneta pendiente 

I lost. · 25/04/2017 01:35


Tea · 21/04/2017 07:46 · 1 Reply

*Eye rolls at above comment*

That's literally every month. 

Nice of you to spread the word, Joe. 

I lost. · 25/04/2017 01:38

1 month each would be equality. :V

JermaineJDragon32 · 24/04/2017 03:13

Hey bud, just wanted to let you know I'm loving the stuff you've been posting lately.~ :D

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