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"Hello everyone. 
Patreon is a gateway for many creators including myself, 
to receive support in everything you enjoy, from all your favorite artists.
Unfortunately there is a site that doesn't have permission to distribute a creators content.

I understand many of these art thieves feel entitled, 
that if it is on the internet it should be free and accessible to everyone,
regardless of their contradictive ideologies, artists need to make a living as well 
and should be allowed to protect their business to provide the things you enjoy.

Many of these creators still upload and have accessible material freely and are still being taken advantage of. 
Right now i am going to consolidate with every major artist and inform them of this. 
This is a learning experience for the battle against art thievery and encourage every artist and creator
to find a way to provide to their supporters in a variety of ways
and to prevent people from stealing their intellectual property.

Art is a never ending and always evolving product for everyone, art is time consuming and time is money, 
it is not a easy thing though it is a wondrous, fun and amazing job and opportunity. 
Do you think many of things we have would exist without support? Little lone if it was being stolen?
Many of us wake up every day and draw every day.

I created this journal to let everyone know,
we as artist need to focus on providing better quality and involvement with and for supporters,
we should provide a better service than the pirates! I will be restructuring the way i provide content
and making it more fun for my supporters and harder for thieves, I encourage others to do the same ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I have cordinated with some of the biggest and renowned artists (over 100) and will continue to inform all artist in this collaborative effort, so we all can work together in situations such as these, entirely revolving around protecting one another. An amazing group has been created and is continuing to grow to tackle instances as such head on with influence and reaching out, with steps that can be taken.

Note me if you are creator who wants to take action and join many who are taking a stand against it.
This site literally has every Patreon post and they are even taking donations for your stolen work!

This issue is a growing problem and a sleeping giant that is blowing out of proportions and am fully aware piracy will consist everywhere long after these sites.
We need to focus and reach out to Patreon to acknowledge the harm to creators, creators that profit Patreon in return and develope ways to counter piracy and the mandate in their policy

From my experience in dealing with this is watch out for the bots!:
#1 Check new pledges regularly if they make an account in the same month and you are the only Patreon they support, a bizarre name and a picture of a random irrelevant person 

#2 Always welcome new pledgers with a DM If they do not respond well within 48 hours of their pledge something is suspicious, especially so trying to invite them to their rewards, they do not favorite, comment or are involved in the community/comments and such

#3 Patreons beta feature of charge up front could ensure only legitimate supporters, no one would have access until payment clears
(after all you don't leave with the goods from a store with the sole promise you'll come back at the end of the month to pay for it all) As of right now for some reason Patreon recently wanted to charge everyone's supporters for more money which was greedy as it was ridiculous, but they wont release an essential feature to keep people honest and prevent ghost pledging and allows more for supporters. I suggest directly messaging all of your pledgers until CUF becomes available. Pressure Patreon to release it for you.

#4 Always watermark and sign into your work! It doesn't have to be a distasteful signature but its always important to know who made an amazing piece with due credit. This site with vile individuals are also hell bent removing them, sign in unique places!
For Patreon i recommend a do not distribute border for private/Patron only related content and to proceed with DMCA to protect your work.


#5 Make your own charge upfront system. If you use Discord, Dropbox or any other means of securly delivering content, wait for any new pledge to be processed and then invite them (via email) to these external means to view and partake in all of the rewards you have available. I don't recommend Dropbox due to link can easily be shared and kept, always having access without your control. Discord might be the best way to protect your content and building more of an enjoyable, involved community and experience for supporters.

I will be making a template that will have a easy setup for all creators to use in protecting their content as well as convenience for all supporters.╰━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━╯
As their tactics change (which it undoubtedly will) we need to as well." Source: .

From Aiko and Zingiber:

"Hello, Zingiber (zingiber) has made a channel revolving around the recent events surrounding a certain site. 

I'll share her words with you in this note:

***This channel was created with fellow artists and creators in mind that no matter how big, small or renowned, should have the right to protect the way our hard worked on content is distributed. 
Many of these pirates feel entitled, saying things like: "What if I want to support more than a few artists justifies me stealing from all." In this context it is like saying if you want more than one car, you steal the rest of them. Overall their stance is uncordial and their means of piracy has blown out of proportion in the way none of us are safe as we so thought.

I know attacking all of piracy as a whole is a bit silly. That is why we should focus on the platform that insists that it is protecting all of us and hold them true to. This site is a new means on how we are all affected and it is Patreons obligation into protecting the creators that also in return make them their profits. This site has been going on for a while now but these pirates are finding new ways to steal.

So lets get down to it, ...

So far many of you that I have contacted were unaware of this atrocious site. This issue is a growing problem and a sleeping giant that is blowing out of proportions and am fully aware piracy will consist everywhere long after these sites. We need to focus and reach out to Patreon to acknowledge the harm to creators, creators that make Patreon money in return and develop ways to counter piracy and the mandate in their policy.


I have been contemplating if going public about this would be extremely bad. I have been thinking however, it would be much easier for this thing to be attacked if it was brought in the light and beknownst to everyone, especially artists. I always constantly see on this site that they try to intimidate and scare people in a sarcastic nonchalant way about promoting the site will destroy you all and what seems to be a very uneducated base of people with a not so very bright mentality overall. I believe now that perhaps they would starve a lot quicker if it was public and Patreon would have no choice from the outcry of creators and legitimate supporters alike. After contacting soo many artists and conversing with them big and small time Patreons were completely oblivious to this site. When I informed them they immediately became adamant, and where this large group of artists that currently stands, they were extremely baffled and concerned, oh hell were they aggravated too. Just a thought, that sometimes you have to bring something out of its cave in order to fight it.

If any of you out there have not seen my journal on FA already please share this with your artists friends or anyone infact to get the word out there, lets snowball this issue.

The Journal----> *** 


I am not asking you to join the private discord channel, though if you want you can send me or Zingiber a PM and we will give you a link.

All i ask is that you share this knowledge with other artists you know who are on Patreon.

Please Help us spread the word on this atrocity.


Thank you for reading.". Source: .

Here's my opinion on piracy/copyright infringement, I'm sort of neutral/bit for piracy/copyright infringement unless you claiming it yours or/and making money out of it, fuck you then. However, I'm sort of bit/mostly against piracy/copyright infringement because it's unfair for the copyright holders (Artists and other similar people) due to fact they need to still make an income, isn't really creative and just lazy due to fact you ain't doing anything original. Aswell, particular people have to appreciate and respect the copyright holders' (Artists and other simple people) policies. I hope people understand what I'm trying say.

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