One day. During a dark spring's night a girl gave birth... Her baby daughter was loud as no one could imagine. Her eyes were wide open with amazement at how large this world is and how free she could be. The first thing she heard was 'Mallow, your name is Mallow'. Even though her age was young and forgetful she always remembered how her mother said it. She was stubborn from the very first day of her life. She knew, what she wanted. Choices weren't a problem and she always spoke her thoughts no matter if they were nice or cruel, she was amoral. That is, until she turned 1. Mallow had the most loving and caring family she could ever imagine, she was an only child and therefore she knew she could aim high. She did whatever she wanted. She was mean sometimes. She had cruel thoughts. She did not understand other people. She HATED being left out. She had a great skill in acting as well as art. Acting made it easy for her to find friends but becouse of her amazing skill she didn't know who she really was because she always seemed to be 'in the role'. But during one summer she found her self at a place that changed her. Thats were her nickname was made. 'Mufinka' from 'Mufin' when her instructor tongue-twisted her name. Horse-riding came pretty naturally to her and therefore she joined he Buffalo Bill club ;) .


0.54 Meters · 1 Feet, 9.25 Inches


19.73Kg · 3 Stone, 1.49 Pound

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