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I'm a 63 y.o. man who got interested in this genre of art less than 10 years ago, although I've always liked anthro art and cartoons.  I'm a writer wannabe and will, on occasion, upload a story I've written for everyone to read and, hopefully, enjoy.


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I'm sorry I haven't uploaded any more of my story lately. I've been rather busy with other things. I'll try to start uploading again this Sunday.
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Hello, I'm currently working on getting a story I wrote a couple of years ago set to upload here. As soon as I have at least 10 chapters prepared, I'll start uploading a chapter a week until I get it completely uploaded. I would appreciate any and all constructive criticism you can give me as I u...
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Prince Daniel

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Princess Isabelle

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Del Kon

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As soon as I post all of the drawings I have of my characters, I'll start posting a story I wrote some time back.  I hope it's well received.

I just found this website today (1-29-19).  I'll be posting drawings of my OCs and stories over the next several days.  I hope some of you who visit like what you see.

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