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Here is a sketch commission of my OC, Zo-Kyta, done by J3T (http://www.furaffinity.net/user/j3t/). Here she's flirting with the warrior in her village that she loves, My-Rora. Kyta is 14 years old (an adult in her society) and has known Rora all her life, being 4 days younger than him. Her mother is an older female who raised Rora's mother, My-Ara, after Ara's mother was murdered.

Kyta is 6'6" (200 cm) tall with about another 10 years of growth ahead of her. Eventually, she'll be between 6'9" (205 cm) and 7'0" (215 cm) tall. The dress she's wearing is the normal dress for the female inhabitants of her world. It's a leather one-piece that reaches from her shoulders to her mid-thighs and is held together and form fit by a leather thong on either side. Her canines reach the lower part of her jaw reminiscent of the dinofelis of Earth 4 million years ago. She has retractable claws on her fingers rather than nails.

I want to thank J3T for doing this sketch for me.

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