Mykell Wildfire the Dragon is feeling Contemplative
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( Just getting started on here, so expect changes to this! )

Hiya, peeps!

Just a dragon who sometimes writes, sometimes games, sometimes streams said writing and games, and often derps around with not much better to do.  More to come as I get time to add to this, so stay tuned.



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Live on Twitch + Other things

As the title says, I'm back up on Twitch and continuing my FF7 Remake playthrough
2 weeks ago

Twitch Stream down memory lane: Final Fantasy 7 RE

In an ironic twist of repeated history, I once again own Final Fantasy 7 before I own the console to play it on
3 weeks ago


Obligatory opening post!

No harm in spreading out a lil bit.  Nifty looking site at first glance.  We'll see what it has to offer.