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Uploaded 21/01/2017 14:36

My hapless wolf character, Vic, having his feet tortured.

As for the inspiration of this scene, and why Vic just doesn't lift his legs up:

After having exhausted his strength and stamina pulling up his body, then legs, he lets his feet drop onto the heated surface.  He first tries once more to lift his feet off the surface, but he lacks the strength.  He can only lift his heels off, leaving his toes and the balls of his feet to experience the increasing heat.  A few seconds later, his legs give out again, and his feet drop onto the surface once more.  He then lifts his toes up, unable to endure the heat any longer, leaving his heels to suffer upon the surface.  When he can't keep his toes up anymore, they drop so that his feet once again fall flat.  He can't rest his legs due to the growing agony his feet experience, so he repeats the cycle: lifting his heels up, then lifting his toes up.  In time, he'll exhaust himself until he can't even move them anymore, and his feet will toast themselves upon the heated surface.

His tormentor, though, will stop the torment once Vic reaches that point.  Or... well, maybe a moment or two after that, so his tormentor can watch Vic squirm.

Artwork by Kampferwolf.

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