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This is my main sona, Cia. She is literally me.

I made this ref for her armor she uses in another reverse universe or this universe.

Her body is mostly like mine, chubby and kinda curvy.
Eyes are dark brown, my own eyes are grey-blue, mostly grey.

So, she likes what I like and dislikes what I dislike. 

Her hair is normally colored like dark grey and some sort of turquoise but can be colored any color you like (Not green like lime green and other greens, I hate green if it's on me) 
Cia's hair length is same as mine, and I'm growing it up so her hair will grow the same. But now it's this short.
She also likes to use wigs so can be drawn in different hairstyles as well.

Her height: 155cm or 5'08''
Her weight: 95kg or 209,44 lbs
Age: 22
Sex: female
Sexual orientation: Pansexual
Mate: Taken
Religion: Atheist/Satanist 

She is shy when meeting new people, likes to go out for a walk. Specially at night :P
She likes Pokémon & Pokémon franchise, is fan of Markiplier, also like various types of anime/manga.
Drawing is her passion. She is also a gamergirl.
Likes to usually wear something cute or something harsh like gothic/anti-Christ.
Clothing is loose, girly, gaming themed, lolita.

lupeyroo · 26/02/2017 00:07 · 1 Reply

Adorable character! Welcome to furffic btw :3

MysticCoral · 26/02/2017 10:30

Thank you so much :3

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