Nahura the Rabbit
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My name is Nahura Shiro I'm a white rabbit

I was born in 1995 on Brazil and since I was a cub I always love to draw, and this love mademe to chose my path as an artist.

I'm realtively new at furry art technique so I got a lot to learn xD

Today I am a Digital Designer and always open for comissions xD


First of all video games xD I play since Nintendo 64 and furry games always got my attention, and my favorites are Sly Cooper and Ratchet series. And of course I don't play only furry video games, but I always seek for story rich ones, such as Dark Souls series. My favorite game of all time is The Witcher 3, just after I read the books that came before the game.

Literature is a thing that always attracted me, but not only books, mangas and comic books too. Nowadays I'm reading the Stormlight Archive series and it is surprisingly really really good, but I don't know too much poeple that knows about it, so if you already read it please PM me xD

Movies and music were always by my side, and.... bloody hell I love music! My guitar literally is always by my side xD My favorite bands today are Poets of the Fall and Pink Floyd. My favorite movie is Kill Bill, because Tarantino xD


Meet people, chat, see new faces. I'm almost always up for some chat, so feel free to add me at facebook if you want xD

I love to do some chat Role Play of almost everything.

And of course play online games xD Recently I've been "getting gud" at Dark Souls 3 with some casuals(inner joke). But if you wanna find me playing from tomorrow on (24.5) I will be at Overwatch xD

Battletag: AndrewSt#1734


And that is all by now, I really hate to complete this "description" stuff so I don't know what else to write about me xD

Hope you enjoy my artworks and have a nice day xD


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