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Ummm hello lol

Published: 19/07/2015 05:15

Haha I haven't really been active on here and then I've gotten 3 follows in the last few days, did something happen?

Axelthefox · 19/07/2015 07:17 · 1 Reply

Hi. This site seems dead or what

Naira · 19/07/2015 07:22

I dunno, it's been dead for months and now I am suddenly getting subscribers out of nowhere so I'm wondering if it is starting to get active!

Replic TuaniOne · 19/07/2015 07:50 · 2 Replies

We've been sending out invites, so the website will get a lot more active now if users keep on liking it and using it ^^

Naira · 19/07/2015 07:51

Oh cool! :)

Replic TuaniOne · 19/07/2015 07:53

We really hope everyone will like it and that the website will keep active because of this ^^ planing on adding more features on the way as well :)

Axelthefox · 19/07/2015 21:40

Yeah,i saw another person on a another furry site make a journal about them coming over here.

Striker · 20/07/2015 01:43

I just randomly got an invitation in my E-mail

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