Nakota Valentine the Dog is feeling Horny
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Hey there! Welcome to my profile~! ♥ 

Warning: Do not boople the dogger's orange nose, it will cause total pupper shut down and cuddles for hours ;w; ♥

Always looking to chat, RP or make friends! ♥

Pop me a note to roleplay~

Kik: KotaTheMalamute
Skype: Malamootbuwwito
Telegram: PinkPuppyBuns

M̅y̅ ̅I̅n̅f̅o̅
Full Name: Jamie Kimberly Valentine 
Sex: ♂ Male ♂
Sexual Orientation: ⚣ Gay ⚣
D.O.B: 2nd July 1996 (Age 20)
Zodiac Sign: Cancer, The year of the Rat
Language: English 
Height: 5ft 7in
Weight: 187 Pounds
Hair Color: Platinum Blonde with icy tips
Eye Color: Blue
Location: Montana, United States of America
Nicknames: Puppy, Jamies, Gooby
Personal Quote: "Self control, the only way to survive in a world dominated by idiots."
Favorite Foods: Grilled Cheese sammich, Noodles
Favorite Drink: Chocolate milk ;//;
Hobbies: Music, Gaming (Xbox one / PC), exploring, Rock climbing, Rapelling, Cuddling >w>
Favorite Animal: Any canine
Favorite Music Type/Genre: Alternative, Pop/Rock, Indie Pop, Viking metal, Metal, Rave, Club
Favorite Game/s: Morrowind, and shooters
Favorite Movie/s/Type: Romance <w<

M̅y̅ ̅F̅u̅r̅s̅o̅n̅a̅

Fursona Name: Nakota Kimberly Valentine
Fursona Nicknames: Kota, Ni-Chan
Species Of Fursona: Alaskan Malamute
Sex: ♂ Male ♂
Fursona Height: 5ft 5
Fursona Age: 20
Build: Slim
Sexual Orientation: ⚣ Gay ⚣


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Nakota Kimberly Valentine

Male · Alaskan malamute · Gay · Cancer
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames Kota, Cinnabun, Nakota
20 year old, gay bottom boy canine~!
01/12/2016 01:17


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