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Greetings, everyone! 

I am a straight single female (not currently looking)

My Fursona is my Dutch Angel Dragon, Nameless and he'll most likely be the only one, which is totally fine with me ^_^
I came up with the design for him myself back in mid March (more specifically March 17, 2015) 
My favorite color combination is blue and purple so I wanted to find a way to incorporate it into his looks. 
I'm quite happy with the final result.

"Nameless" actually started out as a placeholder name until I came up with something better.
I also used Toothless's name from "How to Train Your Dragon" to help a bit and I liked it, but as time went on and despite many name ideas thrown my way, I never found anything that seemed to work.
So I just stuck with Nameless.
It just felt right ^_^

How I joined the fandom:

I think I've always loved it since I grew up with many a Disney movie, then one day after watching MANY adorable Furry videos on YouTube, especially ones that featured Telephone the Dutch Angel Dragon, I was hooked! 
I knew I wanted in on all the action!

Conventions planned for 2018:

Awesome Con (March 30-April 1) (Saturday?)
FurThe'More (April 20-22) (YES!)
BronyCon (July 27–29) (Saturday?)
FA: United (Aug 24-26) (YES!)
MagLabs (Sep 7-9) (YES!)
AnimeUSA (Oct 19-21) (Saturday?)
NekoCon (Nov 2-4) (YES!)


My YouTube Channel:

I do random, weird skits, booster pack/ blind box openings, and convention vlogs. 
Please have a look if you so desire. Thanks ^_^


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FurThe'More 2018 Meme!

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14/03/2018 03:37


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