Nathen the Wolf is feeling Happy
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Not much to say really

only that i was born on july 1

i am 17 years old

real name will NOT be said

i became a furry the beginning oh Sophomore year


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idea journals

|||Hey every furr, i may need some help from you guys. See, im going to school to become a programmer, and i want to know if some of you wants to feature there art in one of my games that I build. Yes, this game is going to be different, but still in 3rd person. Anyways, it would help a lot if I ...
16/04/2018 04:03

Kicked From Paradise

In this story of love and adventure, one outcast finds love in a pack leaders little girl, finds his father and finds who he really is. ill do a quick summery of the whole story of it. Here we go. Nate (the outcast from any pack raised by the Kristol Blue Wolf Pack or KBWP for short) is born from...
27/10/2017 22:24


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Colby Rodgers

25/11/2017 01:48

Caleb Armstrong

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14/11/2017 14:26


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Bran posted to Nathen

30/10/2017 06:22

I'm a lil late to this, but welcome to the site, yo! If you need anything, I'm always floating around c:

Nathen · 30/10/2017 12:11

thank you

Nathen posted

01/09/2017 13:59

Hey Guys, my name is Nathen Blackwolf, and im new arouns here, so if you someone can help me learn what this is about then i would really appreciate it, thank you

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