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Published: 11 months ago

Hey every furr, i may need some help from you guys. See, im going to school to become a programmer, and i want to know if some of you wants to feature there art in one of my games that I build. Yes, this game is going to be different, but still in 3rd person. Anyways, it would help a lot if I could get your help for this game. Yes, all the credit will go to the artists, and I would like someone that can make music help me with the intro song and the credits, the songs have to be new and they have to be made so people can hear a new song for the very first time. Thank you

Madame Sparx · 11 months ago

What kind of art are you looking for? SFW, NSFW, particular themes?

Nathen · 11 months ago · 1 Reply

This game is like Gta V, but a furry version of it, id like all if you can

Madame Sparx · 11 months ago

Ahh. Sounds like an interesting concept!

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