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I‘ve left lmao


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hhhhh i have no time for this site so here's an informal semi-goodbye. might upload once in a purple moon. yes, i mean purple. because purple is impossible, so it will never happen, unlike a blue moon which happens occassionaly
7 months ago
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I'm back yall! Won't be as active, and am uploading all of my art to TH (Nxbulaa) But since the T*xy drama seems to have ended for real, I think I might return, since Scratchykit {/StarmiKat} felt it was safe to return, as she was mainly affected by him.
8 months ago


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12 months ago


12 months ago


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Nebula posted

10 months ago

Lucybus, I’d say its safe to come back. I’m not going to, and i’m not saying you should, but it seemingly is

Ezra posted to Nebula

12 months ago

Ezra posted to Nebula

22/05/2021 15:35

Ezra posted to Nebula

22/05/2021 15:35


Lucybus posted to Nebula

21/04/2021 18:53

(I reported toxy on sofurry and now he's going to be banned over there)

Nebula · 22/04/2021 19:26 · 2 Replies

too :D

Lucybus · 22/04/2021 22:55

He’s already gotten a one-day upload ban, I’ll be on observation tomorrow night to make sure he doesn’t stealy steal again.

Nebula · 24/04/2021 21:19


Nebula posted

19/03/2021 13:39

hi e

Nebula · 23/03/2021 16:20

Nebula wait i can tag myself :o

Doggo · 26/03/2021 13:04


Hazel · 8 months ago

heyy :3

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