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I‘ve left lmao


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hhhhh i have no time for this site so here's an informal semi-goodbye. might upload once in a purple moon. yes, i mean purple. because purple is impossible, so it will never happen, unlike a blue moon which happens occassionaly
1 month ago
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I'm back yall! Won't be as active, and am uploading all of my art to TH (Nxbulaa) But since the T*xy drama seems to have ended for real, I think I might return, since Scratchykit {/StarmiKat} felt it was safe to return, as she was mainly affected by him.
2 months ago


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6 months ago


6 months ago


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Species: wolfite
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Nebula posted

4 months ago

Lucybus, I’d say its safe to come back. I’m not going to, and i’m not saying you should, but it seemingly is

Ezra posted to Nebula

6 months ago

Ezra posted to Nebula

6 months ago

Ezra posted to Nebula

6 months ago


Lucybus posted to Nebula

7 months ago

(I reported toxy on sofurry and now he's going to be banned over there)

Nebula · 7 months ago · 2 Replies

too :D

Lucybus · 7 months ago

He’s already gotten a one-day upload ban, I’ll be on observation tomorrow night to make sure he doesn’t stealy steal again.

Nebula · 7 months ago


Nebula posted

8 months ago

hi e

Nebula · 8 months ago

Nebula wait i can tag myself :o

Doggo · 8 months ago


Hazel · 2 months ago

heyy :3

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