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Since 2015 is finally here, I have decided to start off great. This is my character Luna Wolf from One Rose, my book I have been writing for almost 5 years. I have taken the original drawing of my character, and have digitalized it. I've been working on it for the past few months. This was actually my first project when I got Photoshop, my new Art Program on my laptop. It was a bit to get used to, but I was able to get my Luna drawing going digital. I only have a touch pad on my laptop... so it took me a while to get that far into the program with little i have. Including putting all the details, i have to manually put in (And for DJ Neko Mixing, that took even longer, though i got more used to Photoshop after this project). It's been finished for some time, but I have decided to wait until the new year, to start off great. So low and behold, Luna Wolf. This has taken a lot of effort to finish and I'm proud to finalize it here. I hope you guys enjoy and please leave comments and critiques.

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