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Hey everyone, so I'm doing something a bit different with my commissions, I'm going to keep it and update it every month or so instead of just journals. Price sheets! 

Im in real need of money.... im having some financial issues... my roommate and I are trying to move to our own Apartment for space. We currently live in a tiny room, sharing the two bedroom apartment with 4 people total. But the other two are ending the lease at the end of May, so we need to figure something out with that. My father is threatening to throw all my stuff out by the end of March if i dont get it out of his house. So we need space to put it if we can even move out. I just started a job finally, after being unemployed for 3 months. Only $9 an hr, im already looking for a second job. Im lowering my commission prices so i can get a better chance at getting some. 

I've already paid money for FWA; my ticket, room and ride, so im definitely going! This is my Main Con, and i definitely need it to get my mind off everything. Because right after FWA is a really big trip that will take up most of my living expenses.... 
I will be taking a week long trip to Colorado at the end of April, for court.... I am sharing this due to the fact this is VERY personal to me, and will be giving a huge impact on my life. Also i really need support for this since it will be very expensive, and it very crucial for me to gather all the little bits of happiness i can get from FWA to prepare for it.... those who know of this event, know only parts of it.... 
A family death occured last year in may, and the trial for it has set to the end of April. I may or may not be talked to, but it would be great for me to be present during the case. It a huge deal for me and my brother, who is dealing with it all out there with his family. I cant stress enough how important this is!
I am traveling with a very, very close friend, who volunteer himself to help me get through all of this.... so I'm not going alone, but he is paying his own way.

I may open a fursuit head and/or Partial slot, i have some fur left over from previous fursuits. But that depends on if anyone is willing to work with me on a deadline. Since im trying to get two jobs, im not in school right now so i have some time to work on in. I can probably make a head with in a month or so. I can also do hand/feet paws and tails pretty quick, depending on the fur and patterns. I base all my prices for suit making on the materials used. I'm willing to start fursuit heads at $200, Partials (head, hand paws and tail) at $350. And those prices arn't static, all prices are based on materials and complexity. It you are interested or have please email me at NekoRaveWolf@gmail.com. any questions dont be afraid to ask below or message me on Facebook: Nyx Dagrun.

Please share!!! Really need the support, I've dropped my prices on commissions trying to get more people. Will also be posting special YCHs throughout the month, so keep posted on my FurAffinity or Facebook Page.


I will only take a few commissions before FWA as i will be working. I will take Larger commissions after FWA, or atleast will finish them afterwards.

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