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Published: 15/09/2017 20:38

Hellows! Are you interested in a fursuit but can't pay thousands of dollars for it? Here's the next best thing: sona hoodies!! They come in all colors, shapes and sizes, so all you need to do is send a ref sheet and measurements!

You can also choose to have thumb holes or not, with no additional fee.

Starting price is 150$usd for a simple 2 colored hoodie with a few markings and a tail.
Wings: 15
Long tail: 20
Horns: 5
Major extra color: 20
Minor extra color: 10

-Shipping is NOT included.
-if anything happens, i cannot and will not reimburse the material fee. (Usually 40% of the price)
-Message me for a quote, prices can change depending.)

Here are four examples:
**reason being that most markings are sewn by hand and more colors mean pattern tweaking

Dont be scared of messaging me if you have more questions!

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