Neltharios the Dragon is feeling Hopeful

Neltharios is a ferocious male black dragon with body and mind well trained for combat true to a Lunus.

With his parents being killed at the terrible Draak incident in the year 112 B.R when he was still embraced by the shells of their egg, he never experienced what it means to know ones true parents. Despite tales telling not a single hatchling survived that dreadful incident, the egg was safely brought to Dralk that day. After his long sleep within the safety of the eggs shell he has been raised and grown within Dralks borders (With Periado being his father figure and Queriatia his mother figure), Neltharios has internalized the philosphy of the Lunus and swore an oath to protect its ways with all means necessary, having developed a deep hatred against the withered aegis and is generally very wary of bipeds. He braved his first Rite of Passage on his own, denying any help offered as that is the only way he has known all his relativly young life - until recently: He has grown fond to a certain dragoness and with her help he has overcome isolation and solitude. Neltharios grown into an ancient recently, this time celebrated with friends and dear ones, and with newfound strength and power his goal to rid the world of Istaria from the Aegis and bring back the glorious days of the Age of Dragons are within reach even more so. With great joy and honor he leads, together with Drezulie, a pack of dragons unlike ever been seen for a very long time, unmatched in strength and fellowship.


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Most of the time he spents fighting and hunting. He knows his ways around crafting though and takes much joy out of creating means of improving his combat strenght. He is currently working on shaping his own lair in Dralk.

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A proud Lunus black dragon.

Alignment: Lawful Evil<->Lawful Neutral

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