Neonmonster the Wolf is feeling Depressed
Artist Type: Traditional Artist

Hey uhm...It's me Neon. Never met me before I guess. Heh ^^' I'm a friendly wolf. Don't be afraid to talk to me. I don't bite :3 My real name is Tom, but I like Neon more. I'm 17 years old and from germany. I can't really draw.

Want to talk to me?



Facebook: Nah :/

Skype: PM


My favourite music genres are Dubstep, Techno, Hardstyle, Shuffle and Jumpstyle. And I like some remixes that are based on normal boring songs.

My favourite Artists are Avicii and Martin Garrix.

Favourite animals? I like wolves, cats and birds.

I'm a voraphile. Sorry ^^' More questions about me? Talk to me. 


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Im back!

Its been some time. Stuff were going on in my private life. But Im back now. I'll upload for the future comms.
29/01/2017 14:28


Nobody is uploading anything.
27/06/2016 15:29


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29/01/2017 14:26


Male · Wolf · Asexual · Gemini
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames Neon
23/05/2016 14:04


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Homura Farron

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Species: Demon Wolf
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Homura Farron posted to Neonmonster

22/06/2016 16:33

Hello thank you for subscribing ! [emot=18] 

Neonmonster posted

22/06/2016 16:10

Eh just a info: Don't go on my tumblr if you dont want to be confronted with vore and other kinks.

Neonmonster posted

06/06/2016 17:58

The moment when a swedish friends asks you to send him SS march songs with english lyrics.

Colin Kamisokuiru posted to Neonmonster

04/06/2016 14:57

''[...]is feeling Depressed''
Don't get upsetti have some spaghetti! 

Neonmonster · 04/06/2016 16:59

I want to see you when your friend dies from a car accident

Neonmonster · 04/06/2016 17:09


Neonmonster posted

01/06/2016 17:34

Any ideas for something what I could draw?