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Streaming Urgent Commissions Tomorrow!

Streaming Urgent Commissions tomorrow on Picarto at 5pm EST. Come join me!
19/03/2018 03:41

Commission Prices and Terms of Service

Prices Sketches: Bust- $3 Waist/Thigh up- $5 Full Body $10 Extra Characters additional 2 dollars per character Background not available with Sketches Ex.http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14444852/ {http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14444852/}(NSFW) Flats: Bust- $10 Waist/Thigh up- $15 Full...
26/11/2015 15:36


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Species: bobcat
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Kurai Denimore

Species: Felcane
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Madame Sparx posted to DragonessDen

06/10/2015 23:03

Thank you for the fave! ^.^

Kurai Denimore posted to DragonessDen

20/09/2015 18:08

Haha yeah I'm on so many different sites. I have a journal post linking to them all.