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"I sought you out,
Studied you and in the process
of making you my most
Valued property.
Don't forget this."

"There are no shortcuts to any place worth going."

A little about me

I am a Real Lifestyler in the D/s community and Master to Misei
I strive and enjoy teaching people about the community and D/s BDSM Lifestyle all together.
So should you ever feel as though you would like to know more, feel free to message me.
If you're a submissive and unsure or uneasy speaking with me, message my Boy.

 Misei NightShade  ღ : NightShade

────►He's THE most important thing in my life.◄─────

Hobbies (I am by no means great at but I enjoy; )
✔ Kink Photography/ Make up Artist
✔ Writing
✔ Video Production
✔ 3D Design
✔ Game designing
✔ Games
✔ Movies

Professional (What I would like to be known for.)

► Designing Fetish and Punk clothing
► Leather working
► Creation of Fetish clothing
► Fabrication of Kink items

I currently don't have anything to post up here on FA but planning on it in the near future once it reaches a quality point. For the time being I'm mostly going to be getting some scenes commissioned from both various artists and my boy.

"Anyone can give up, it's the easiest thing in the world to do
But to hold it together when everyone else would understand
if you fell apart, That's true strength."

"There's nothing like
Someone seeing your inner monster,
and not only still wanting you
but honestly loving it."


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Doing Emergency Art for Urgent need, please read.

It isn't often that I do this for a personal reason, but this is an emergency. At the end of the month I'm moving out with my boy to be in a house, which everything was working out until my boy Misei had to take a Hiatus due to health reasons. And with the date coming closer I'm trying to gather ...
15/01/2016 11:38


A friend of mine is in dire need of help, something came up and he has an emergency that he needs money ASAP. He's offering 5$ Bust up Commissions in exchange! He's VERY Talented so please check it out. {} http...
15/09/2015 22:22


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23/11/2016 03:15


16/05/2016 17:24


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Dragon-Firy posted to NightShade

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You're welcome ^^

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