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Sorry for so many adopts. I have a huge phone bill to pay for. ;v;

Price: $50
I know that's a bit high, but I just love this design so much and want her to go to a good owner who will get lots of art of her. ;v;

Her outfits can be changed if you want! I just made some as a place-holder.

Once purchased, new owner will receive a larger, un-marked version and this small, marked version.
Payment accepted thru PayPal. (Or Square if you don't have a PayPal account)
You may change the species/gender. (but not too much please ;w;)
If you sell her, please only sell for how much you paid (unless you get a butt load of art for her)
Also, please let me know if you sell her. (I like to know who has my precious bbys ;v;)

Bases used © nauticaldog
Background image found thru Google.
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