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Art by Tigers Kitten, with Kacey Caddell being Perri Rhoades' character. Tamagi Stardust, the burgundy looking fellow, is mine. 

A bit of a fantasy pic with this one.

The story I came up with for it was that Tamagi, as a normal regular bunny anthro, fell in love with this cute little squirrel mermaid. Er...Furmaid I guess you would call it?

Anyways, Tamagi had heard legends about such creatures - he liked to call them "Sea Fairies" - and when he fell in love with one, learned the truth behind the myth that there are some sea fairies whose love is so pure, you don't want to pass it up.

And so, the couple pulled a Little Mermaid....well, a reverse Little Mermaid. Tamagi got himself turned into a Sea Fairy so he could live with Kacey.

I like this picture. It's really cute. I also like how TK actually drew a feasible way for Kacey's seashell bra to stay up. Most often times it's just the shells somehow staying on.

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