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Art by Tigers Kitten, as usual. This time just of my character, Jikan Brando. Though a decent amount of things have changed about him since my first posting of this pic on Fur Affinity. 

Jikan used to be a vampire fennec in an earlier version of Dream Parallax back when it was called Cyberdine Dreams. But that's been dropped in favor of our gambling, tarot card slinging ladies man. As of this posting you haven't met him yet in Dream Parallax, but he will be seen in Serial 1, Act 2. Jikan is Razzle's birth brother, and while Razzle left to better himself, Jikan stayed behind in Lunaria under his alcoholic gambling father's care, and the tendency to gamble seemed to get passed onto Jikan. 

While wandering Lunaria he came into contact with Ahkin Setun, and after seeing Jikan's skill at gambling - as well as pulling sleight of hands with gambling - the rabbit recruited him to work for Blair Montgomery. Now Jikan works in Blair's Lunarian gambling house, The Rising Sun. Though recently he keeps getting called away to do whatever tasks Blair needs him to do for the moment. 

His main powers come from the aforementioned tarot deck, The Omman Tarot. A mysterious pack of tarot cards with spirits sealed inside them. He can call upon these spirits and they will lend their powers to him, however there is an interesting luck-based mechanic involved with them: Jikan can either draw a card for a powerful effect, or settle for a lesser effect and select a card to use its power. In addition some of them might not work properly if they don't like their user - an example would be Justice who never gives his full power to a criminal like Jikan. 

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