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And now we're on to recreating my own characters in Second Life. This was something I did back on FA to promote each of my characters' shenanigans online, though at this point all of their online social media has been combined into one account, Niko Linni & Friends. As of right now we only have up a Tumblr, YouTube, and Twitter for them. 

Niko himself is seen in Act 01 of Dream Parallax. Usually in story he's depicted as wearing a nice button up shirt with some nice pants, although I do imagine him wearing this for just a normal night out with friends. I usually appear as this avatar in Second Life. 

Niko Linni likes to call himself a spiritual muse for others...which is kinda what he does at The Last Apostle Puppetshow, help inspire and work with other associates. That is, when he's not playing Studio Musician for another Puppetshow production. He's a nice, rather kind fellow, likes to see himself as dashing in certain situations, and as a rabbit he is always a little flirtatious here and there. Though if anyone ever feels there's something...magical about him they wouldn't be too far off, as Niko does have magic of his own. He's something of a bard and can play riffs on his guitar and achieve various magical effects. He can also materialize a Rei Ken, that is, a Soul Sword, in the shape of a rapier. But that's only when things get dicey. 

And if you're wondering, the guitar is similar to a Schecter guitar. He calls it Soundchaser. 

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