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Next we have Tamagi Stardust, who's something more of a personal character to me. Moreso than Niko, actually. Tamagi's sort of a self insert character, though hopefully through good writing I can keep him out of Gary Stu territory. I'm sure I'll be able to, shouldn't be too hard. There used to be this in-joke where Tamagi was literally a self-insert for one of the Gods in my story, but it's been dropped for something that I think works a little better. And is also less Meta. 

Tamagi himself is something of a shy guy, but he slowly warms up to the people around him and becomes less and less of an introvert the more he's around new groups/people. He's something of an amateur writer, searcher into spiritual things, and musician. He's also a bit of a block head and can be slow with things. But he's eager to learn and better himself all the same. He's around the age of 23.

Tamagi was built on Second Life once again using Curious Inc's Kani Bunny. Though he is a lop-eared rabbit outside of SL. Clothes were gathered from here and there, as was his necklace. Not sure if you can see it, but it's a multicolored Ankh necklace. I'll have to do a close up on it one of these days. Tamagi has his own SL account that stays firmly in character. 

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