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So next on our list is Raziya "Razzle" Joestar, a green and black fennec of around 21 years. And yes, that last name is a Jojo's Bizarre Adventure reference. His scarf is also a reference to something else also, but more on that later.

Razzle, born Haken Brando, sought to better himself and perhaps set a new standard for the Brando family line, which tended to have its members go down a path of self destruction, usually dragging down others in their downward spiral. After learning about various matters of spirits and souls from other masters and teachers, he rechristianed himself Raziya Joestar, gaining the nick name Razzle as that's what people tended to call him. He had also branded the back of his left hand with a purple star as a reminder of what he's set out to do. Given his spiritual training he has some powers of his own: he can use spiritual energies to produce various effects but his signature power is charging his energy through his scarf, getting it to do all sorts of things, in a reference to Rose from the Street Fighter Alpha series.

Razzle himself, despite being into the manners of the soul, is a rather down-to-earth critter. Playful, energetic, and always willing to crack a joke or reference, Razzle also finds himself in love with all manner of games, be it card games, board games, and video games. Unlike his brother Jikan, who sees no problem in being underhanded, Razzle would rather play the game as it's meant to be played, and by the rules as well. He can also be introspective on life and spiritual manners, which tends to throw off others who take him as little more than a class clown.

Razzle was built in Second life with the DSD Fennec. Clothing fetched from here and there.

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