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So this little cutie is named Stubby, and I snagged them from an auction that was part of a large lot of auctions Tigers Kitten held before retiring from drawing furry artwork. Included with the rights to this character was the links/rights to thirty images (including this one), as well as the physical copy to this drawing and a cute little Stubby circus magnet thrown in. They’re your typical bespectacled clumsy, shy, insecure bottom heavy gal. In other words, she’s got some extra pounds on her and some big hips.

Almost as soon as I won this character I began brainstorming how to use this character in Dream Parallax, and I think I have some ideas...especially concerning Frankie and Friends. I think I might tweak them just a little bit though as far as personality goes. Maybe.

Something that you can’t see in this image also is that they’re very clumsy; in fact I was hard pressed to find an image of her that either didn’t have a band-aid or two on her or her involved in some kinda fall or accident. Also, lots of the art of her that I received is sexual in nature, so I’m still on the fence if I want to put ‘em up online in my galleries. We’ll see.

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